Scavenger Hunt | Paws For Celebration in Brevard| Nov. 15

Scavenger Hunt | Paws For Celebration in Brevard| Nov. 15

The Scavenger Hunt is On!! Twenty local artists have graciously donated art to be auctioned off on November 15th – an auction that will benefit two dogs –  Nowzad and TAAG – that were befriended by U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan during the recent conflict there. Nineteen local businesses are sponsoring, or as we like to say “fostering,” that art until November when each piece will find its forever home. In the meantime, we are sponsoring a Scavenger Hunt as a fun way to get a preview of the art that has been donated to benefit these two great causes (and because who doesn’t love a Scavenger Hunt?!).

Here’s how it works:

Each week at the Paws For Celebration Facebook page there will be an article about one or two of the artists who have created something wonderful for the auction; that post will tell you where the art piece is being fostered. There will also be an article in the Transylvania Times (so you can read there to get double clues). Near each piece of art, there is an envelope with raffle cards inside. Simply take a card (they are free) and ask an employee of the store or business to initial on the card that you found the piece of art in that location. The more art you find, the bigger and better raffle prizes you can get entered into the night of the auction! It’s easy and it’s fun – and may even take you into local businesses that you have never been into before!

If you have any questions, visit the Facebook page! Now, go out and enjoy some art to benefit Nowzad and TAAG!!

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